About Us

About Us

At Life Plus Insurance, we’ve been providing customized insurance solutions to individuals, families and small businesses for more than 40 years.

To get a true sense of our success over these four decades, we like to count the number of cherished relationships we’ve built, not the number of sales we’ve made or the number of conventions we’ve qualified for. And by that measure, we’ve been mighty successful. Clients who started with us, have stayed with us.

They’ve stayed because:

  • we actively listen
  • we care
  • we’re fastidious and diligent
  • we find the best products
  • we get them at the best prices, and
  • we’re fun to work with

They’ve stayed because they know we’re eager to hear from them whenever they have a compliment, a complaint or a concern. We’ve even held on to the same phone number for the last 30 years, just so we don’t miss a call.

They’ve stayed because they know we have their backs. When it comes to protecting the things that matter most, they know they can trust us to get it right.

And, so should you.

Stan Schwartz, CLU®, CH.F.C., Founder, Life Plus

The Life Plus Difference

Facts, nothing but the facts. If you feel overwhelmed and confused by the jargon and legalese that plague most modern-day insurance products, and need someone to give you the lowdown … just simple, straightforward facts …. You’ve come to the right place.

Customized solutions, not cookie-cutter products. These days, there’s no dearth of products being touted as the best solution to your various needs in TV commercials and print ads. But when it comes to insurance, one size absolutely doesn’t fit all. Compare this one-sided product-peddling with our approach where we spend a lot of time upfront, trying to intimately understand your needs, dreams, fears, goals and aspirations, before offering any solution. We specialize in listening! And we do it with professional integrity … in utmost confidence ... and with empathy.

The Life Plus values

Our values reflect strongly in our clients’ testimonials. So, we’ll pick a few adjectives we commonly hear about our service.


Knowledgeable | Straightforward | Honest
Professional | Trustworthy | Accessible
Thorough | Helpful | Friendly



About Stan

Stan Schwartz,CLU®, CH.F.C., the founder and president of Life Plus Insurance, is a poet at heart. His lyrical sensibility defines his perception of people and life.

He heartily appreciates the good things in his life, be it exploring new places with his wife, playing with grandkids at home, swimming with wild dolphins in the open ocean, teeing off with friends at a golf course, or cooking up one of his favorite recipes.

Stan’s approach to life is refreshingly simple and straightforward and he brings this same uncomplicated honesty and directness to his business.

He’s easy going. You’ll mostly catch him in a t-shirt, jeans and a smile. When you’re around him, you can be assured of an empathetic ear and a hearty laugh. And maybe, if you’re lucky, some lines from a recent poem.