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Individual Health and Dental Insurance (4)

Individual health and dental insurance always requires a health questionnaire. Insurance companies will not cover you, or any of your dependents, for any pre-existing health condition.

Any new health conditions would be covered under the terms of the policy.

You can’t take the exact same coverage with you. However, you can purchase similar coverage without filling out a health questionnaire. But remember, you must do this within 60 days of terminating your employment. You may get a better rate if you’re in good health and willing to answer some health questions.

Yes, you do. Although the Senior Drug Benefit Plan in Ontario will cover you for many different types of prescription drugs, there are many newer drugs that are not on their list (formulary) and, from time to time, certain drugs previously covered become de-listed.

There is no age limit restriction on the policy itself, however, certain benefits, eg. travel insurance may have a change in the coverage or be removed from the policy altogether at a certain age.


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